Coach in the UK?

  1. hi all..
    I'm new to coach and the forum. But i'm loving all the gorgeous bags that Coach has!...
    Was wondering if anyone knows about shops online or retail outlets that sell coach in the UK?
  2. helpppp plssss!!! i'm desperate!
  3. i honestly don't know...
    i'm pretty sure you'd just have to buy at or do eBay.
  4. Hi, welcome to the board. There are a lot of American sites with Coach bags that will ship internationally; yet it could get pricy. Although I've heard a lot of Coach lovers abroad, I don't think it's popular enough in Europe to be sold there (:sad: ). You should try your luck on eBay for the cheapest prices.
  5. doesnt ship internationally...

    bernz: can you tell me which online websites sells authentic coach?
  6. actually DOES ship internationally. I had my agenda refills and a bag shipped to Germany. I contacted their customer service department via email and they were able to help me without any problems!
  7. Actually the only places that I know of are consignment shops. I didn't post links because I don't know if I'm allowed to on this board.
  8. Hi, I am pretty new to coach seeing as I have still not bought one (eBay auctions have not been kind to me at all). I saw the signature stripe top handle pouch, and the Chelsea signature small hobo on the website (I really like the soho bags but they are not on the website :[), however it does not even mention the UK anywhere in the delivery costs or store locator so I don't think I can buy the bags from there. So, I was wondering what stores in the UK and proper internet shops (that ship to the UK) sell coach bags?

    Sorry for the long-winded question.
  9. I live in Germany and have the same problem, but Coach does ship to outside
    of US. You can place an order by phone: 001 (904) 741 - 3090
    M-F 8am - 11pm ET.
    Sat 9am - 7pm ET.
    Sun 11am - 7pm ET.

    Coach ships the goods by DHL which is rather expensive and I had to
    pay the import duty and VAT, so for the ergo tote (USD 328) I paid
    at the end approx. 460 dollar (!!) in total but it was the only one possibility
    to get the bag.

    I don't know if there is online shop which ships to UK, for Germany
    I could not find any, no wonder, Coach is absolutely unknown here.
    Is Coach known to the people in UK ?

    Otherwise, ebay is not too bad. I just received a ergo belted hobo from ebay
    and am really happy about the purchase. You only have to check out
    the feedback of the seller and authenticity before.
  10. Laura I did extensive research regarding Coach in the UK and there are no outlets whatsoever :crybaby:. I fell lucky and got an amazing deal via EBay UK, the lovely ladies here authenticated it for me first.
  11. Yeah, i was afraid the tax would add to the expense! I had this annoying tax problem with LeSportsac bags that are only available in the USA. Coach isn't completely unknown, but it's not a common occurrence to see someone out and about with one. There are a few British that pop up on ebay with a coach bag or two, but when they do bidding can be really competitive and they aren't always the best styles.
    It is a shame that coach don't have a European online shop :crybaby:

    Thanks for your comment, it helps to know people in similar situations!
  12. Same here, I looked all over the net. I just hoped I wasn't looking properly and that someone here would be "yeah there are loads of outlets all over the country that sell coach at good prices" and I would be "yay". But no :[

    Looks like I will be bound to ebay for my coach as well!

    I read a good article on authenticating coach, which really helped, though it is good to know there are some experts here too :tup: I don't think I have seen a fake....yet.

    Thanks for commenting :]
  13. ^^ That's pretty cool! I'll be there in May..

    I bet you could get into the marketplace part of tpf and find some sellers willing to ship to you. :smile:
  14. I used to live in LONDON, and still have friends there. Sadly, even upscale department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols don't carry them. On a recent trip to the UK, I was actually amazed that I rarely ever saw a Coach bag (and if anything, it was being carried by a tourist). My friends/relatives who come here from abroad always ask me to take them to the Coach store/outlet, because they can't find Coach where they are (or it is so amazingly overpriced). The Carly style, for instance, is almost impossible to find outside of the US.

    I think your best bet is to order from and have the bag shipped. Given the exchange rate between GBP and US dollars, you may actually be at an advantage.