Coach in the summer

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  1. Are you basically carrying lighter colored bags for the summer or is anyone still using black? I kind of miss my black soho tote which I set aside to carry some other colors.
  2. I got the Ergo medium hobo in white for spring/summer, but I still use my black tote for everyday at work. Black bags still work with summery outfits!
  3. I'm using my black Ali now....and ironically I've only used my scribble tote once.
  4. I use black and darker bags during the summer when they work with what I'm wearing and when I want to carry them and I carry brighter bags during the winter when I want to brighten up gray days. Wear whatever color makes you happy that day!
  5. Or you could use your black bag and put a brightly colored charm or scarf with it!! :p
  6. As of Monday I started carrying the bag in my avatar.
  7. I just bought a black leather duffle off of eBay and i plan on carrying that for a long time....but i'm loving the white ergo :tender:
  8. My green hamptons tote!
  9. i used a black purse for the whole month of may and changed only bc i had to go to a wedding!
  10. I will use any color any time of the year
  11. black will go with any outfit and add charms, scarf, or something colorful to liven it up.
  12. :yes: Me too! it only depends on how i want to mix color and texture.
  13. I use black bags and light colored bags. It all depends on my mood and what I wear that day.
  14. I carry my bacl bags in the summer too. I only have one Coach that I carry in the cooler months and that is my chocolate, python striped hobo. Something about the color chocolate just makes me think of the fall and winter.

  15. Me too:drool: