Coach In-store 25% off 8/16 - 8/24 coupon

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  1. I just received a coupon card from Coach in the mail for 25% off at their full-price stores, and it's good between 8/16 through 8/24 in store only. I won't be using it, so if anyone's interested, let me know. I will drop it off in the mail to the first person to PM me with their address. :smile:
  2. ^ you can get some nice pocket change for that on ebay right now. but it may be too late since the sale starts in two days and ebay will only allow 5, 7 and 10 day sales for items of that nature.
  3. ^^^ Really, no Buy It Now??

    I got one, too, but I'm going to use it this weekend. But I was just wondering...
  4. I got one but don't see anything I must have
  5. Oh man, you're totally right! You can do a fixed price sale. I thought that you had to have an eBay store in order to list items as Buy it Nows only. I listed mine as an auction with the BIN option which disappears after the first bid I believe. I hope no one bids on it, lol. Since there are still 3 days left in my auction. :blush:
  6. Hmm... I didn't even think of that. Oh well, maybe next time. I already got a bunch of PM's for it and I've gotten so many codes and discounts from everyone here for my other purchases, I thought it was finally my turn to share! :shame:

    But yeah, the card has already been spoken for...
  7. If anyone else gets a coupon, I would LOVE one. Please pm me if you are not using yours. Thanks!!
  8. Aww yolllzzz, that's really sweet! Yep and people totally appreciate it. I would have gifted mine if I wasn't using it already. :graucho: (it's not going against the ban because I have Coach credit!)
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    Omg please! I would do anything for this coupon! =) Pleaassee!!!
  10. i'm looking for one as well if anyone has one :smile:
  11. Swanky made a sticky for this kind of requests on the Coach forum . Might wanna try there
  12. I have one as well that I won't use so if you want it PM me and I will send it to you via US Post.
  13. Please note that the 25% off excludes Hamptons, Hampton Vintage, Legacy and Zoe collection.
  14. Coupon gone!
  15. Awww, you're a good person! :tup: I should have listed mine on here too.. I didn't know we could do that >_<
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