Coach in September issue of Marie Claire

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  1. I think the new C's don't look so bad after all.

    Pardon the large image sizes and the clarity. I just snapped these from the magazine I got in the mail today.


    And here's another pic. I'm loving this green.

  2. I still don't like the new C's but the green bag is AWESOME!
  3. Green is awesome....hate the other one!
  4. Maybe it will grow on me, but that green...I'm hooked!!!!!
  5. Sabrina makes ANOTHER magazine appearance (boo, I haven't gotten my new Marie Claire yet).
  6. I'm one of the (rare!) fans of the new Cs and I love that color combo! Thanks for posting the pics!
  7. Okay -also hoping my MC is in the mailbox (along w/ PCE);) I have a better shot at the magazine though I think!!
  8. Count me in too, Cate! :smile:

    That must be the patent Sabrina in teal. :tup:

  9. I love the green one but the new C's aren't doing it for me at all.
  10. Okay, so transfixed by the new Sabrina sighting I didn't even comment on the other bag. I actually think it's pretty cool. I wouldn't personally buy it (cause I don't think I'd use that style much) but the I like the new logo in that color combo.
  11. I am not a siggy fan, but I LOVE the new c's.
  12. we are all different with our opinion on the Cs. i am not a fan of the new Cs, but on that bag? looks kinda snappy ;)
  13. For some reason, the C's really bother me.
  14. Me too! I've never been much of a signature fan. And these new C's are even worse. They look especially cheap/fake to me. :tdown:
  15. Same here.