Coach in Orlando, FL? - Outlets, etc?

  1. Checked through the Outlets Info thread, but wanted to see if anyone had hit the outlets in Orlando, FL lately?? I headed there March 4-10 and would like to do a little shopping... (No one panic if you've read my downsizing thread... I'm not gonna go crazy... and I'm going to visit my dad, so he usually likes to go shopping at the outlets with me.:graucho: )

    Does anyone have any opinions on the best places to hit? I'm only there for a week and won't have time to go to them all... What has gone on with Belz? Can't find any info online on it, I seem to remember it getting bought out or something, is there another name I should be looking for...? Is the name Prime Outlets... ack, can't remember, I haven't been there in a year.

    I will definately hitting Orlando Premium Outlets, as my dad lives just north of Disney off of 535, so it is the closest one (I think?)... Does anyone know the selection difference between Prime Outlet & Premium Outlet?

    Thanks in advance for any info!!! :smile:
  2. I went to both Coach outlets in Orlando last month but I can't remember which one was which. I posted a thread about what I got from them, at the time, though.
  3. Thanks for the reply Bethy!!

    I was hoping to find someone that lives there, that might know how it changes from week to week, and which is the better out of the two of them... tee hee ;)

    I will be right by the Premium Outlets, so I will probably try to check their stock a few times while I am there... I *think* Belz became Prime Outlets, which is the one up by I-Drive, so I probably will only run up there once...

    So excited! I wish there was a smilie icon with Mickey ears!!! :roflmfao:
  4. aw I will be in Orlando the 17 to the 24 for Spring Break!!! Thanks to my Uncle (hes the GM of a Quality Inn on the corner or Sand Lake Road and International) and compt. rooms!!!
  5. ^ Aw!! We're just going to miss each other!! Have a great time... I will report back on what I find, since I will be there just a week before you...

    Isn't it great to have the family hook-up? :graucho:
  6. yes let me know if i need to make it mandatory for my bf and me to go or not, and yes family hook ups are great!!!
  7. Will do!!! Hopefully there will be some good stuff!!
  8. i know i've almost paid off one of my CCs for it!!!
  9. awww, I shall miss you guys too, I am going up there this weekend. I'll report back and let you know what they have, I was quite disappointed with ft. lauderdale monday ... I think I am going to try betlz this time, I always go to premium outlets.
  10. yes!!! let us know puhleez!?!?!
  11. Yea! Yea!! I would :heart: it if you could let us know what you find!! (And, if you hit both - your opinion of the "best" place to stop by!!)

    TIA!!! :smile:
  12. I will be there the March 3-7. I live about an hour from Orlando so I go once in awhile. I was there last month. I did better at the Premium(?) off of 535. The other one I was REALLY disappointed in. I fond better deal and things in Ellington! Have fun... I am SOO not buying anything until PCE. I really want like 5 scribble items LOL.
  13. ^Hurray! That is the one that I will be closer too, so things are looking up!

    I have an outlet where I live here in MI, but it is about an hour up the road, so I don't that often... I think I am just looking forward to having one 5-10 minutes down the road!!:girlsigh:
  14. THE COACH REPORT!!! LIVE from Sunny Orlando, Florida!!

    ;) Yes folks... The verdict is in... I am completely insane... I am sitting in sunny, warm Orlando, FL right now, and couldn't wait to get inside - to tPF, to report my findings at the outlet(s)!!! Crazy, huh?

    Good news to all those going to Orlando in the near future... they have some AWESOME stuff!! (Much better then the outlet at Birch Run, MI!!!) I have only hit the Prime Outlets - and I'm going to Premium Outlets tonight... Here's what I can remember...

    Prime Outlets (This is the one near International Drive), Orlando, FL 3/5/07:

    Lots of pink & blue scribble!! I believe it is exclusive to the outlets and VERY cute!! (Much better then the full price store line this year - IMO!!) I am totally going back to get a makeup case, which was only $40!! The scribble looks like last years scribble and comes in a nice shade of blue or pink, that I saw.

    Very nice pink signature items... I think brown trim? I am going back and getting a mini skinny, which was $29. All styles - flap, hobo, wallets, wristlets, etc...

    A bunch of nylon Hamptons stuff - I remember the black the most... if you are thinking of getting some of the new nylon stuff that came out, wait until you go to the outlets if its going to be soon!! It looks darn near the same...

    Some ADORABLE Walking coats... One in green, khaki, and ... TURQUOISE... I am sad about this one.... but NO BUYING FOR ME!! :crybaby:

    Clearance pieces: White Mia, White leather pieces from that line, Magenta leather hobos, Plum sig & brown suede duffle, Leather turnlock hobo styles, Lurex evening bags in Black & Gold....

    They had a whiskey & rose legacy shoulder bags sitting out on the counter...

    There was more, and basic outlet leather stuff you always see - but this is what I remember the most... Sorry I don't have prices... I will report back in this thread what I find at Premium Outlets (down off of 535) later on tonight... I also am going to FL Mall probably tomorrow... As a side note, I was at Millenia Mall today and stopped into the Coach store... the CS was HORRIBLE, so I am glad I wasn't planning on buying anything while I was down here... Their workers were just milling around not really talking to anyone... In their defense, they probably get alot of gawking, being in a touristy area - but I told one of the ladies that I like her *perfume* scarf that they are wearing now, and she didn't even say anything back!! (Not even a grunt of acknowledgement... she just kind of stared at me?) Ya-ikes...
  15. SHOOOOOOT!!! I went to the wrong outlet this weekend!! I am DYING for a rose legacy ... darn it.

    I went to Premium Outlets yesterday and they had the same things minus the legacy. No magenta, no black lurex, but they had some white fall optic swing packs and some pink spring optic hobos ... I wanted a hobo but they STILL weren't on clearance! I went 6 months ago and they were the same price. grr. there was also green scribble, I hadn't seen the green before (only pink & blue).

    if you are looking for a coach watch though, stop in the movado outlet there! their clearance stuff is 80% off ... I ended up getting a green metallic leather watch for $51.