Coach in NYC!

  1. I am going to NYC on the 29th and was wondering if you girls could give me some advice on where to look for coach on sale! Department stores, boutiques, outlets (?), just not fakes! :wtf: Thanks!
  2. Macy's at Herald Square 34th Street is having a 30% off sale on some of their older styles. Bloomingdales at 59th and Lexington Avenue is also having a 25% off sale on some of their older styles. Good Luck!
  3. What she said lol!!
  4. dont forget about lord and taylor on fifth they always have a nice sale on coach but also try the coach store on 57 th and madison i was surprised when i was able to pick up these really nice burke canvas sneakers on sale was like wow and plus they Sales associates are so nice and i luv that store to death ... just stay away from coach store on fifth near like 11th or so they r quite rude and such and really do not have th much of a selection....
  5. lord and taylor??? i had no idea
  6. I always forget about Lord and Taylor but yes they tend to have good sales. There is an outlet mall outside of the city that I belive is accessable by bus and I hear has good deals too.
  7. i just went to that lord and taylor they have horrible customer service!! maybe its just me but i felt like people put their noses up in the air at me!!

    and the coach selection sucked... macys had the same exact stuff on sale (spring patchwork) with less snobbyness!