Coach in New Hampshire


Aug 7, 2006
hey everyone, so i'll be in NH-exeter to be exact for 5 weeks soon. im going from canada where there are hardly any sales except for pce. so are there any outlets near or department stores with good deals such as macys, dillards etc.



Go on, I dare ya!
Mar 26, 2008
The outlet in Kittery is bigger than the one in Freeport, and usually has a decent selection (if not a whole bunch of Legacy stuff). Freeport tends to have better non-typical outlet finds, in my experience. Macys in the Maine Mall (South Portland) has Coach, and the odd good deal.

If you're here over a weekend and want some company, PM me. I'm due some window-shopping at the outlets, and I live right in between the two outlets in Maine :graucho:

Mrs. MC

Dec 4, 2007
Yes it is outdoor, i think it is like exit 20 off rt 93. It is worth it just for the Coach outlet but they have other good outlets too. I am convinced that Coach is the only outlet that you ever really get a deal. I think most of the other outlet stores aren't much different than the regular stores. Sometimes Skechers has a good deal like buy one and then get another half price, sometimes Stride Rite has pretty good deals. Both of those places are in this Tanger place and someone mentioned that you can buy a coupon in those machines near the bathroom that includes Coach too !