Coach in Montreal ??

  1. Does anyone know where to get Coach handbags in the city of Montreal ??

  2. I'm not sure if Coach has a store in Montreal. When I checked on their website it only said that there is one store in Toronto and one in Vancouver.:confused1:

    Search Stores Results
  3. They sell Coach at the Holt Renfrew store in Montreal. It's at 1300 Sherbrooke St. W.

    I was there in April and it's not a very big selection. Just some of the most current or popular bags and a few mini-skinnies.
  4. Hi, you know what, I was talking about Coach bags with the sister of my boss and she told me that COSTCO, as funny as it sounds, were selling Coach bags during the Christmas holidays! I didn't beleive her, but she swore she seen some there and they were real.
    Just thought you'd wanna know lol. I'm for sure gonna go check that out next November-December. =)
  5. BJ's wholesale has them too !
  6. Yeah, Costco (Canada) online has them. Not a ton but a few. Usually some Hamptons bags and hobos. I haven't seen the bags in the actual Costco stores here but they always have Coach watches at my Costco.

    Oh, and welcome to tPF, str*_dyme!
  7. costco still has them. They have a large black sig carly at mine for $319
  8. :wtf: Must...have...that...bag :wtf: . WHERE???? I don't supposed you're anywhere in the vicinity of Vancouver, Canada?:P .
  9. sorry, it was in Southlake, Texas (DFW area)
  10. Awww thanks for the welcome Sialia!!! =)
  11. Costco at the Pointe-Claire location about 5 models in May for Mother's day. It was displayed on a table with all the stock and not behind the cabinet. I haven't seen any since. Go regularly and check it out. Of course there's online too.

    I heard from a friend that la Baie use to sell Coach, not sure if they still do.
  12. How do the prices compare ??

    Are they better being that its in COSTCO..

    darn... I did not know and missed it around mother's day...
    please let me know if you see them again !!

    added to the fact I do not frequent COSTCO too much ...
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