Coach in June InStyle! (Pics!)

  1. Of course, they picked one of the top 3 most expensive Coach bags available right now, and a scarf that everyone is lusting over but is no longer available for order, but-- at least we're representing!

    See below for scans! (I'm so in love with the Legacy scarf...)
    scarf1.jpg scarf2.jpg tote1.jpg tote2.jpg
  2. I love that scarf!!!!!!!
  3. That scarf IS beautiful!:yes:
  4. Might I add that Hermes and Pucci scarves were on the same page, which was kind of cool that Coach was there too (even if there's a target scarf there too..)! :yahoo:
  5. I think Coach is getting "up" there in status!:graucho:
  6. I want that scarf sooooooooooo bad!!!!! D*mn InStyle for taunting me with it......
  7. ^^ The scarf is sooo beautiful...not fair! :crybaby:

    Thanks for posting pics razorbackbelle!
  8. i kinda wish they had picked a nicer coach bag to represent us :smile: I really think those straw ones are crazy for that price! whos going to pay almost 1000 for a straw bag with a little leather on it? i just think its not our best representation i wish they had picked a legacy one :smile: or an ergo :smile:
  9. They could of picked a better bag, but hey, at least coach made it to the page right?

    That scarf is a beaut for sure.
  10. I love the coach legacy scarf but im also a sucker for Pucci. I have 3 Pucci bags that I adore!
  11. I was watching What Not to Wear the other day and they always do a short segment in Macys. They walked right by the Coach section and I saw the parchment leather Carly :smile:

    Also I was watching E! I think, and they were showing the hit trends for the summer and they showed the straw tote.
  12. The white/yellow Hamptons Weekend satchel is in there also......