coach in game rooms in wildwood nj

  1. so i was down the shore this weekend in wildwood new jersey. you know those claw type games where you move the thing around and it drops and you hope for it to grab onto something? well there were about...10 of those things around the boardwalk that had different coach purses and wristlets in them. they had factory tags on you think they were real? they were pretty old styles and im sure that the games are rigged so if they splurged a bit to buy them they wouldnt really lose any money if no one can get them. i cannot believe coach(real or fake) is showing up in game rooms!
  2. Yeah i was at Pt. Pleasant beach last week and i also saw Coach bags in the claw games as well. They also had a chance game on the boardwalk where you could win coach (spin the wheel thing). They looked authentic.
  3. I believe they're authentic. I wish I knew someone who was good at it so they can get one for me and see if it's worth it (real or not).
  4. There was a discussion about Coach items at the Wal-Mart game area. I actually seen one and it looked authentic.
  5. It's a sad day when they're using Coach in those rip off games... I can't even win a monkey holding a banana!!!
  6. I saw them in the same game in an Atlantic City arcade. Yuck - IMO it cheapens the brand's image. :sad:
  7. I'm quite certain that COACH is not authorizing fact I think someone called when they saw this at Walmart and coach said they are not. But they can't stop the owners of these units from buying their product and putting them in the games.
  8. This is not being done with other designers (mid-range). It must be something with Coach prices or something. I agree, it definitely cheapens the brand.
  9. Hey I heard about this a while ago (can't remember if it was here or on livejournal), basically someone noticed the outlets near these areas with the games, were really devoid of good stuff.. They put two and two together and figured out that the people who run these games clean out the outlets of the good stuff. :/
  10. Reux, it may have been on LJ 'cause I remember commenting on the thread. When I was at Seaside, they had a real patchwork bag in one of the games, it was called Stacked (you had to stack blocks). One of my friends works at Coach said it was real, but then we saw the same game a few arcades down and there was a fake python hobo, with the plastic around the handles!! The two of us were mortified! But if I had money with me, I would've tried to win the patchwork bag, lol.
  11. That is crazy. Coach in arcade games!!!!