Coach in Florida - specifically near Disney?

  1. We just booked a Disney vacation for August (I know - hot and crowded! but its the best time for DH for vacation at work). We're staying at the Grand Floridian. Believe it or not, this is our first time ever at Disney, so we're not sure what we're doing but we're excited! So I need good Coach stores/outlets right around that area - I will be coming home w/some new goodies!! Thanks everyone!
  2. There's an outlet right after Disney before the Universal Exit. Actually I think you get off at the Sea World Exit and follow the path around the right. It should be behind some hotels. If you're in the neighborhood of Red Lobster and such, you're in good shape. Hope that helps!
  3. Their is a Coach outlet at Orlando Premium Outlets on Vineland, near Downtown Disney. :smile:
  4. It's a great outlet, too! I was there last week and bought an ergo tote in chocolate sig - it was on sale for $238 and 20% off of that - they had tons of other stuff, too. You'll have a GREAT time! Enjoy your trip!
  5. Hey donnalyn!! You are so gonna love Disney!! are staying on Disney property which will make it more enjoyable. Your family will have an awesome time!

    There are 2 outlets in the Orlando area. I have copied the links here:

    Also, there is a Coach boutique at the Mall at Millennia:

    Just a little bit of info for your enjoyment!!:tup:
  6. There is also a coach boutique in the Florida Mall. That Mall is awesome too, they have indoor surfing, and the M&M store!!!!
  7. Ooooooo... I haven't been to that mall in years. I guess it must have changed!!:smile:
  8. We just came back from a 9 day vacation to Disney last month and had a BLAST!!! I didnt get to the outlets though, but we just booked this years vacation to Disney for November so I WILL make sure to get to the outlets this time around!!! We always stay on Disney property too, you are going to LOVE it!!!! Get the Disney meal plan......sooooooooo worth it!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear more!!!!!!!!
  9. Yeah last time I went to disney I went to that outlet too! It not only has Coach but other awesome designers too.

    You have to go have dinner at the restaurant that is inside Cinderella's castle. The food was great and if you have children, they might like the fact that they get to take pictures with Cinderella privately so theres not a mob scene.
  10. YES!!!!! This is a MUST if you have a daughter or daughters!!!!!!! They dress up as Cinderella (you bring the gown and tiarra from home) and it's just a beautiful dinner!! My son wasnt too thrilled though!!!!
  11. Wow. Alot of us Coach/Disney lovers on here. I have a 365/4-park pass. Can't wait to go again! Was anyone there for Christmas?
  12. Yay - we did get the meal plan! We're new at this, but we went through a travel agent we found on, so hopefully we did good.
  13. Thanks everyone. Im going to write all of this stuff down. The dinner w/Cinderella sounds so awesome; however, my daughter will be 13 when we go, she would be mortified if I suggested that!, and the boy is 5 and is just hoping to see Power Rangers!!! Maybe I'll bring my tiara...
  14. LOL...I was going to offer you mine!:p
  15. :lol::lol: