Coach in April Real Simple

  1. Thought I'd take a break from the computer to read a magazine that I bought a couple of weeks ago - and what do you know I spot Coach and have to run back to the computer to tell you all!

    In the April issue of Real Simple

    Page 82 there is an Ivory Pebled Leather Satchel
    Page 106 the model is holding a Legacy umbrella
    Page 187 I think the Dog's collar is a Coach

    Sorry I can't scan them for you.....if you have the mag take a lookie.

    Gotta go - "How Clean is Your House" is on BBC America! RIGHT NOW!
  2. Thanks for the info ^-^
  3. Thanks all have to check that out!

    I love the show how clean is your house too!
  4. Also in a recent issue of Cosmo, they had an article about 12 things every girl should know, and they showed a girl digging around in one of the new totes with the purple trim (like the Oxford stripe tote). I recognized it because of the lining.