Coach in Anniversary Sale at Nords beginning July 20

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  1. More details later this week after they have a "purse rally" to show the sales force all the bags they got in for Anniversary.
  2. ooohh... can't wait to see!!!
  3. Awww, you're teasing us! Give us a nibble and make us wait! :amuse:
  4. ooohhh..cant wait for more info.
  5. Hmmmmm

    *waiting for more info* :graucho:
  6. omg! ya! i m going to the states on july 20 and so wanna hit nords!
  7. Do tell! and thanks in advance:tup:
  8. i just checked the nords site. they dont appear to have Coach listed. do they just carry it but not have it online maybe?
  9. They carry it in-store, but not online.
  10. Will it be all of their
    coach, or just older styles, or what???? You are tormenting me!! Gotta know, gotta know!
  11. I think that they ususally have styles that are just for Nordstrom Anniversery Sale.
  12. Does anyone know when they are pre-saling? My SA was on vacation this AM.
  13. they usually get new stuff in for the anniversary sale. i know they're bringing out all the new l.a.m.b bags for the anniversary sale, so i'm sure they're doing the same or similar with coach.
  14. yup :yes: usually they get in (not sure about purses) but everything new for the sale. its one of my favorite sales of the year because all this new stuff is on sale but if you buy after the sale its up to original price
  15. yay, can't wait!