Coach in a VOGUE spread!

  1. so i was flipping through my feb issue of vogue, and in the midst of all the vuittons, chloes, and diors, i found this beauty! :yahoo:

  2. stunning! I love to see Coach as high fashion. and those tdf Lanvin heels! thanks for sharing!
  3. Oh yeah I saw that one! I was liek wow, that's Coach! I like that bag! It looks super big though!
  4. it does look super big! i wonder if that's the large ergo or the erica vintage leather. those two bags are only supposed to be 3/4 of an inch apart in size though, and i can't imagine them being that huge!

    maybe the model is just really tiny?
  5. WOW, that bag is hot. I wonder when and where it will available? I love huge bags and this is perfect.
  6. thanks for sharing!
  7. that's sweet.

    yay coach= vogue-worthy

    (or maybe, Vogue= coach-worthy)
  8. ^^
    I think the 2nd one is more accurate!!:yes:
  9. that's awesome!
  10. that is an awesome bag!! i kinda want that now
  11. This is the one that I want. I believe it's called the "Maude" and it's $998. I will have to save for ages to get it.
  12. oh dear! it's really that expensive?
  13. yup, just found it on the website - for that much, i think i'll go for something else...


    it would've been the perfect school tote, too!