Coach images of colored bangles ?? Messed up?

  1. Ok so I'm lusting after the pond 1/2" bangle. It's now available on but in the picture it looks, well, crappy.
    1) The color is way brighter than the one I have seen in the past. Can anyone who owns a pond bangle comment?

    2) Enlarge the picture -- it looks like horrible quality -- I think what happened is that they took one picture and then "colored in" the various colors in photoshop or something .. punch, black, red, and green are the same way. Yet the silver and the gold color looks good.

    What do you guys think? Terrible photoshop or are the colored bangles crappy looking?

    Here's the link
  2. anybody?
  3. I think its bad photoshop. Order it...and if it looks like crap...send it back!
  4. My Pond bangle came yesterday and I really like it. It's like a gray-blue color, very muted. I didn't look at the website yet but I'll go do that, too.

    Ok, I just looked at the pic- that looks nothing like my Pond bangle! The website makes it look turquoise!
  5. Its bad photoshop. The coloured bangles are BEAUTIFUL. You'll love it, trust me.
  6. i have the punch one and it's gorgeous- nothing like the pic. they just took the easy way out and photoshopped. those slackers. :p
  7. I have the Pond/Silver and it looks nothing like the bangle on the website... The pond color matches perfectly with the pond bags & accessories.

    I think it looks gorgeous with the silver & pond together! :yes:
  8. I have dropped literally, one thousand, three hundred and twenty six hints to my bf (the "best bf ever") about the bangle. I have stressed that it will sell out. I mentioned I wanted it for my birthday (which is in July). So now I wait. And wait. And wait. (and hope!!)
  9. Yeah I think it's just crappy photoshop.
  10. Coach is well known for it's crappy photoshop. Remember the canvas leagacy citron??? It was yellow on the website until I'm sure enough people complained that they received greenish bags that they photoshoped the right color onto the bags!!!