Coach if you are listening, I want a photo/brag book

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  1. I would prefer it to be agenda style, so I could put 3x5s in it. I don't want any slots for cards or anything, just pictures.
  2. Fun idea!! :smile: Then we could carry photos of our real kids and our Coach kids...ahahaha!! :smile:
  3. well i want a black patent hailey with that, if we're at a wshlist subject :graucho:
  4. LOL! I bet I never get my wish too. As far as I know in all these years they haven't made one, yet they make mouse pads. Go figure lol.
  5. All you gotta do is buy a Coach agenda, and put some plastic pages in it, take out the calendar stuff. Viola! Brag book.
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    I bought one off Ebay about three weeks ago....I believe these were just were out in MFF versions....I haven't seen any in the outlets in a few years though. While I was looking for it to take a picture of it, I came across an ID case that I'd bought several months ago off the bay and totally forgotten about. I didn't even realize they were matching (I just bought them because I love purple!) This brag book holds 4x6 pics.

    OT, but another thing I wished Coach would bring back are these hard card cases- I love these for holding grocery/specialty store discount cards.....

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  7. They've made them in the past - I have two from about 6 years ago.
  8. Dang! Figures it was before I was into Coach. I guess I can keep my eyes out for one.
  9. I remember them making one about year and a half ago too. I remember because I was pregnant with daughter and I was going to buy it for my pics of her. I can't quite remember why, but there was something I didn't love about it. Anyway, my point is, I bet they'll make them again in the future.....It actually would've been a perfect thing to make for the Valentine's Day season though.......Also, Kate Spade puts out cute ones here and there. I actually ended up going with a Kate Spade one instead of the Coach one I was talking about for the pics of my daughter....
  10. Coach is listening. Sometimes you can still find the brag books at outlet stores, but I don't know if others will be coming out. Like the pet accessories, a lot of those odds and ends have been culled.
  11. I got one like that, but the only downside is that it only has 3 portions for pictures, and you can't really stack pictures behind them as the sections are tight. If only we could figure out how to put in an extra picture holder that fits that would work great (tho the snap might not close...).
  12. Many moons ago, Coach made brag books in 4x6. The first time was when they introduced the first Hamptons Carryalls in canvas. If you are a SATC fan, then you know the one I mean. SJP uses one when she goes to Aidens cabin. The brag books matched the bags. Then a few years later they did one that has a turnlock closure. It came in black leather and red leather. Here is a picture of the one I'm using now. Red leather. I always carry it in my bag. I'm a huge picture nut. The insert for pictures has enough pages to hold 24 4x6 photos. I actually took the insert out of the Hamptons book and have that in there too. You can fit ALOT of pictures in this thing.

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  13. ^^^ Gah! That is what I had in mind! lol I think I would prefer a snap enclosure over turnlock though.