coach, how do you know it's authentic?

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  1. My daughter is drawn to Coach handbags, they are in her price range and she likes to buy on eBay.

    How do you spot a real vs. fake Coach, what do you look for?

    And what percentage on eBay are fakeroonies?
  2. I have a feeling that more than 1/2 of them are knock offs. Once you start looking at Coach bags (on the official site) you start to notice all the little details, the quality of the leather, the stitching, the hardware, etc. To me, fake Coach bags are very easy to spot-by looking at the workmanship. I don't think the fake bags use the sturdy hardware that you see on a real coach. On a real Coach the hardware really stands out. Hope this helped....Good Luck!!! :smile:
  3. There are tons of resources in the Coach subforum that you should check out. There's an Authenticate This thread, a thread where people post authentic eBay auctions and great buys, and a thread where people post pics of the fakeroonies. You'll get lost for hours... but you will learn a ton!
  4. i actually wrote up a thread that's stickied in the coach forum- it gives quite a few ways to try and spot fakes. :yes:
  5. ^^^^ thanks to that thread I'm currently waiting on the postman to deliver my very first Coach, bought on ebay UK.
  6. There are so many ways to tell Fake coaches and just like Koobas or any other fakes, they all vary from bag to bag. CC alignment used to be a real good clue but no more. Coach has made some newer bags with bad alignment and I have seen lots of authentic basg right out of a Coach store have iffy alignment. I'd say there are alot more fake Coaches on Ebay than real ones.
  7. well, the big indicator on alignment is looking at it straight on and seeing if it's symmetrical on either side of the seam down the middle. other than that, it gets weird if you're looking at it from the side or something. not sure what coach is up to lately with how they're placing stuff.
  8. aw, fab! :greengrin:
  9. Thanks so much and I did refer to the Coach subforum, so much information from you experts.

    Thanks and happy shopping.
  10. I learned a lot about Coach by reading the Coach forums here and on Ebay.
    AND, asking here or on Ebay BEFORE buying!
    Also, going to the Coach outlet weekly helps!
    I rarely buy Coach on Ebay, mostly sell.
  11. I have to rely on you ladies where coach is concerned as there are no UK stockists. This is the bag I'm waiting on.
    Coach.jpg Coach Creed.jpg
  12. the number doesn't come up on the DD (if it is 6001 like it looks like, of course I might be blind)
  13. A big fat DITTO to this.

    I have learned sooooooooooo much by reading the Coach forums.

    Also, unless you are confident in knowing how to spot a fake on eBay. ALWAYS, run it by the forum!
  14. It looks like it says 6094, which matches the style of the bag.

    But it's always best to ask in the Authenticate This Forum before you bid.