Coach Houndstooth Multicolor Satchel like a librarian on acid?

  1. Hello:

    I'm new; my name's Emma and I'd like to know what people who know Coach think about the multicolor houndstooth satchel.

    I'm a bit turned off by the purple flower affixed on the purse, and it seems to me that Coach could/should do better.

    On the other hand, I WANT this bag!

    Is it so bad that I just can't look away? Should I look away?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi and welcome, Emma! :welcome:

    That's my name, too, BTW! :biggrin:

    You would probably get more responses, from people who know Coach well, in the Coach sub-forum.:yes:
  3. I like that purse too. They have it at TJ MAXX and I want it so badly. I think it is gorgeous. At first I didn't like the flower but now I love it.
  4. What does this purse look like? I'm so curious? I was trying to find it on the Coach website with no luck.
  5. it is a past season purse that is why. You can find it at Marshalls or TJ Maxx
  6. Oh, no wonder. Thanks.
  7. i like it...sort of.
    it's one of those bags i would want on massive cleance before i bought it. not worth it regular price, imho.
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