Coach Horse and Carriage print

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  1. For some reason I love this print. There have been many times where I have been in the outlet and picked up a bag, only to put it back to get something else. When I was in Florida I bought a wristlet that I love and that I plan on keeping forever. It is a bit dirty (I've used it a lot) but it's in good shape. I have gotten A LOT of compliments on it when I carried it by itself.

    My question is, WHY are all the horse and carriage bags on ebay cost so much? These bags weren't worth that much to begin with and the one I almost bought from the outlet was like $50 after discounts etc. I just thought this bag would be a fun print (like I said I don't know why i like it, I know a lot of people here hate it) and it would hold up and be a kind of go to bag when I needed something to carry. I just can't see paying over $100 for this bag. Like I said, I almost got a brand new one for $50 on clearance. It is insane how people inflate prices on ebay just to make a quick buck.

    I'm sorry for my mini ebay rant :sad:
  2. It's my guess they're jacking up the prices because this print isn't availble in the outlets anymore.
  3. ^Probably correct. missy_g, keep your eye on Craigslist if there's a section that's close to you...I've seen a few bags in that print on there from time to time. Just watch out for the fakes; Craigslist is riddled with them so you've gotta be careful.
  4. Once I bought a Horse and Carriage satchel at the outlet, it was my second coach purchase. But after I got it home I decided that it was kind of busy so I returned it. I'm sure that it is fine on a small item but I thought it was a just "too much" on a large bag. I don't know why it would be expensive on ebay, I never thought that it was a very popular style. You don't see many women carrying H&C bags.
  5. Girls at my college LOVE the H&C Ashleys. I have seen one in every color on different girls this semester so far.
    I am not a huge fan of them...I tried out a small tote in it when I first got into Coach, but I gave my (orange/pink) to my MIL for a gift. She loves it!
  6. I guess I'll have to look at the Ashleys at the outlet. It's been awhile since I've seen the pattern in person. I always thought the purple was really pretty...but maybe it is too busy.
  7. I used to have the brown horse and carriage print and I got compliments on it because it was different from the normal signature. People like it because it is different. I bought it on Ebay and sold it for close to what I paid for it. I still have the black and gray in a Leah. I never carry it but I like having it in my collection. I'm not really a fan of the brighter prints, nor the shapes of the bags I have seen. When they first came out, they weren't selling well on Ebay. I haven't seen the Ashleys though.
    I can never figure out Ebay. I have seen bags sell for more than retail. I saw two identical bags listed - one went for $175 and the other went for $56 a few days later. These were both at auction so the buyers were the ones who were setting the prices.
    I don't think most people inflate prices on ebay. If you have never sold, you would be surprised at how much the fees eat up any profits you might get. You have to price an item at least 15% above your cost in order to break even. Every time I have thought I got a great deal at the outlet, I will find it on Ebay much cheaper than what I paid. I don't know how any sellers of new Coach items can make a living at it.
    One time I bought some things at the outlet thinking I could sell them on Ebay and make a bit of money. On one bag that wasn't selling, I got an offer that left me with a profit of less than $3.00. I took the offer and the person who bought it from me listed it at auction. She sold it for about half of what she paid me for it.
  8. I have a purple horse and carriage print...will have to check to see which bag it is! However....I love it simply because it IS different from the siggy print...and it is in purple! I,too, wonder why they are marked so high on e-bay?