Coach honored my Macy's f & f coupon

  1. I asked my local Coach store if they would sell me a bag for the same price as Macy's w/ the coupon and they said YES! Our Coach store is kiddie-corner from Macy's at the mall. She walked across to Macy's, checked that Macy's indeed sells the Carly, and she walked back and said yes. So I got to use my Coach gift card for the Macy's price. I bought the medium Carly in black sig. It was worth a try -- and it worked.
    The Coach SA told me that the pce in June will include Carly.
    Now, if I can just get the Carly to stay on my shoulder and quit slipping off...
  2. WHAT?! I'm calling my Coach tomorrow. :yahoo:
  3. Now THAT'S interesting!

    Good for you for asking!:yes:
  4. Wow, that's excellent for you! *sigh* wish I could be in PCE in June so I could get a Carly.
  5. Wow, that is awesome. I never thought about asking them to match the price.
  6. wow thats pretty wilD! congrads! :smile:
  7. Wow! I never realized that they would price match like that! But I suppose they'd rather have your business than you take it to Macy's! Good for you!

    And do you have small shoulders? I don't have problems with my Carly slidding off my shoulder but mine aren't really small. I hope it works out for you!
  8. That is so cool! I used my F&F today, but for some summer clothes - saving' up for my next bag!
  9. wow that's incredible.
    I wonder if anyone else will try and get lucky.
  10. Oh that is great!

    My carly stays on my shoulder I used it for the first time today and no problems with it!
  11. Well, aren't you the savvy shopper? GREAT work!! I would love to get a cotton carly, but there aren't any at my macy's...wonder if my store would honor it? I guess it would never hurt to ask!
  12. Congratulations!!That was a clever idea. That is what I call Customer Satisfaction. They know they cannot compete, so they mind as well join them!!
  13. I forgot, why can't you be in the PCE ? Sorry to be nosy I am just curious :smile:
  14. I gave it a shot at my local Coach today since Macys is just a couple doors down, my SA basically looked at me like this:blink: and said
  15. Good for Coach! I'm surprised no one tried this earlier. :smile: