Coach Hobo Help!

  1. I own a Coach scarf hobo and i find it very weird to carry it coz it drapes funny when i carry it, how do u solve the problem so that it looks good when u carry it? I really love the bag tho!

    Does anyone have pics of em carrying a coach hobo?

    pls help x
  2. I've seen some pics of the scarf hobo in another thread--check under June purchases...I don't remember if she has a modeling thread but you can check. Good luck!
  3. the new ergo one? cause i ended up returning that one because it was so awkward...
  4. I bought one for my mom today in the signature not the scarf print ... you have to carry it right on your shoulder under your armpit. Dont push it all the way back though have it leveled on your arm
  5. the shape looks a bit weird when i do that! :sad: I wish it was more structured!