Coach Heritage Tote (modeling pics)

  1. I meant Coach Signature Gallery Tote, lol!

    At your request... My coworker was laughing at me taking these pics, she was like, you belong to a "purse forum" where you talk about coach purses, lol. :okay:
  2. And the full shot of me with my new baby!:wlae:
  3. looks perfect on you:tup:

    if your coworker is into bags herself, I bet she'll be looking up TPF as soon as she gets home:p
  4. Thanks!
  5. Ooooooo Diva....I love that bag on you!!!:tup:
  6. That tote does look good on you. I normally don't care for brown but that chocolate is delish.
  7. Thanks Deborah!;)
  8. Really, I think achocolate coach bags are all so gorgeous, my favorite color is black and I don't own one black coach bag, isn't that funny? The only black one that tempts me is the black gunmetal stripe tote, I think that one is really pretty, but I think the brown signature bags really "pop" while the black ones are just 'so so".
  9. Soooooo pretty!!!! I LOVE that bag!!!! Actually, I love your whole outfit! Congrats on the gorgeous bag!!!
  10. Thank u for the compliment dear! ;)
  11. beautiful! I love the chocolate brown.. it looks so great on you! :tup:
  12. that tote looks seriously gorgeous on you!
  13. that looks adorable on you! I have the chocolate gallery tote too, isn't it the best bag ever?
  14. I love the chocolate!
  15. She looks great on you :tup: Enjoy :yahoo: