Coach Heritage small Tote Pink/khaki 11349

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  1. Hey, that one has a pink horse and carriage, and mine has a white one:confused1: No fair!
  2. its real isnt it? the one on eBay? i couldn't tell
  3. I saw this the other night... might be a pilot bag. Looks like it has a dogleash closure maybe?
  4. Yeah might be a pilot bag cause it has that dogleash closure.
  5. hey LAltiero85.. I love the white horse and carriage.. it complements very well with the pink stripe of the bag.. and also the white one is like Cinderella's carriage too.. so freaking cute ;)
  6. I personally think the white looks better :yes:
  7. Fakes already? Ohhhh no! That's bad. Really bad.
  8. Ohhh.....that's right. It probably is. They are sometimes different. Like the tattersall travel tote was different from the pics online. The horse and carriage was gold online, but when you ordered it and it arrived, it was brown or something? I remember another coachie saying something about that.
  9. Drilldown: (number from the eBay auction)


    Something is fishy here!

    The bag looks real tho....... So confused!
  10. I had to run and grab mine to look...mine is white also. I like the zipper better than the dogleash closure...
  11. I am afraid that this could be a fake...didnt Tanukiki get a small tote and it was a pilot bag? She said there was no closure on if this is a pilot bag wouldn't it be like Tanukiki's? This bag is too fishy.
  12. I have this tote in the small size, and yeah, I have the white horse and carriage. And the strange partial zipper thing that I always leave unzipped because it's a pain in the neck. I'm hoping there aren't fakes of this bag already... I do not want to see girls on my college campus carrying fakes, ew.
  13. I think it's real & probably a pilot bag.

    The dark brown on the Japan site has white writing, yet the one they're selling here has red so they may have tried out other colors with the pilots.

    That seller has sold/is selling other bags that look authentic.

    I don't know if people making fakes would be that ahead of the curve to start faking something that isn't even released yet? I'm sure by summer there will be plenty unfortunately :cursing: