Coach Heart Luggage tag Charm

  1. Does anyone have one and is it pink on one side and maroon on the other ? Also is it the size of the astrology charms or bigger ? I already have my inital in nickel that i wear on one of my bags but I don't like my initial charm in the brass, it is really boring so I am looking for a brass charm for my new legacy bag, thanks !
  2. I dont actually have the heart charm but I love it. The astrological signs are a bit smaller. Hope you find just what your looking for, they are great charms!
  3. i have the luggage tag heart and it is how you described.. to give you an idea of size, here it is on my large carly - it is much bigger thant he zodiac signs:
  4. I have the heart luggage tag, it is pink on the front and maroon on the back. Good solid product. Only issue I have had is with the chain (ONLY the chain) tarnishing because I use it as a key chain and my key rings slide around it. Needed something big to find when I grab my keys!
  5. I have this!! I got the last one in my local boutiue awhile back. It's on my Medium Carly though. I get so many compliments on them. It's pretty big. I always notice so many people staring at them too when I'm using my Carly. I'm in love with it!! Here's pics...
    92224Heartluggage38.JPG bagheart3.JPG heart.JPG small4.JPG
  6. Since your looking for a brass charm you might like this, i ordered one at my local Coach no. 92069 retail $38. The color in the pic kinda looks brighter than it really is. You could put this on your bag too even though it shows it with a key. I'm putting it on my bag. It's called Brass Script Heart Keyfob.
  7. Thank you so much everyone for the great suggestions, ideas and information. Also all of the pictures ! I think i will order it for Ali. Do you think the lagacy pontytail scarf on one side and the pink heart charm is over doing it, one or the other or both or both on one side or one on one side and one on the other and which side (I know I sound like a Crazy person) ha ha
  8. You're still able to get this ?
  9. edited to add .. there is about 100 in the US.. just got off the phone with coach.
  10. I have the exact same question!! Just that mine is a bleecker signature duffle.
    Posted my bag here

    Still undecided if it is kinda over doing it too... :girlsigh:
  11. I KWYM. I always do charms but never scarves and never scarves and charms. I am affraid my poor Ali is going to end up looking like a parade float !
  12. Your welcome! I didn't know there were only 100 left in the U.S for the brass script heart. Cool!! I was so relieved that I still got to order this. I wonder what else I missed out on since I just recently got into Coach.
  13. I recently bought this for my medium khaki and saddle carly and it is so cute. Maybe I am biased because I love hearts but I dont think so because it is so much bigger than reg keyfobs and charms for the same price!

    I do have to say though that it doesnt stand out as much as I would like it to on my khaki carly... I need to get another bag to put it on like on that black carly it looks gorgeous!!!
  14. i have it and love it....its awesome...
  15. Here it is on my med choc sig Carly. These tags are in short supply around this area.