Coach Headband signup PICS!!

  1. I got my headband, I love it! I wanted to thank Lolitablue (Kathia) & her mother for doing an awesome job. I also want to thank Kathia & ThaLizrdQueen for organizing the project.

    Here's the pics. Please overlook my bright yellow Tshirt..haha. I get comfy when I get home. :p


  2. sooo cute :smile: i cant wait to get mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  3. CUTE!!! Thanks for posting pics! Checking my mailbox....
  4. it looks great on you!! can't wait to get mine :p
  5. I can't wait to see how everybodys headbands turned out.
  6. so cute! I can't wait to get mine!
  7. That looks great on you. A bit OT, but I just love your hair too!
  8. Thank you Bethann for your posting!! This is great team work!!
  9. You look adorable! Congrats!
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]

    yay!! I love my headband!!! I was soooo excited to see it in my mailbox today!!! :yahoo: Thank you sooo much lolitablue!! tell your mom awesome job!
  11. Oh wow these turned out great! O_O I think I might have to snag one!
  12. Oh I wanted pink SO BAD!
  13. tat2tinkerbell - that looks great!
  14. tat2tinkerbell!! that was a great choice! No wonder you needed pink. It looks so great with your hair. Glad to hear you loved it!
  15. Thanks!

    tat2tinkerbell...that pink really pops against your hair color, great choice, so cute!