Coach Headband on

  1. Does anyone know how to get that coach headband that the model is wearing on the website?
    I saw it and am totally loving it!

    THANKS!! :smile:
  2. hey well they dont have it anywhere I just got a few today for me and some other TPFers at the coach outlet in NYC at woodbury commons but they dont take phone orders you have to pick things up,,,, when i left i bought 4, there were 2 left this was earlier today,,,

    thats the only news i have heard of them AT ALLL they only had red
    :smile: here it is! i love it im so sorry more ppl cant get it!

  3. excuse the crazy face haha :smile:
  4. i am not sure where you are from but you could call tomrorow AM ask if there are any ask them to check carefully cause i called in the AM to put another aside they said they had none and then i got there and they had 3 extra ones (so i bought one more) but they hadnt obviously looked everywhere

    you can put it on cc hold for up to 2 weeks if you have anyone in ny who can go get it?!

    thats my only suggestion:sad:
  5. helpl!! Slush, that looks soooo cute on you!! Thanks for modeling :cutesy:
  6. aww thanks kidlearner :smile:
  7. helpl!!slush, you look absolutely GORGEOUS. It looks so beautiful contrasting against your brown ittt!!
  8. aww thanks cant wait to send you yours and see the pics of it on you!!!! :smile: yaay for these headbands!
  9. bessie that headband looks great on you!!!!
  10. awww thanks Cindy! :smile: thats so sweet :blush:
  11. oh thats cute. i would like to try to get a hold of one. i am surprised it would be in the outlets already though if it was just in the last catalogue.
  12. well apprently someone said in a past thread,,, ill have to find it that they are acutally a much older style that they havent made in a while but they just used one for the photo shoot

    im gonna try and find the thread
  13. hey photoobsessive here is what the other post said:

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    [​IMG] Re: Headband?
    I spoke to a COach customer service rep yesterday for about 2 hours, and she said that the headband was actually and older one that they used for the shoot and it sold out months ago
  14. So cute! I love the red.
  15. You look pretty and i love the headband ^-^