Coach Headband Idea!!

  1. So I was reading the threads about the coach headband everyone has been wanting and really like. I saw that a couple people were kinda bummed bc they thought it was an actual headband and not like a scarf.

    Well..............I was thinking! What you could do is go and buy just a regular headband thickness to your liking....get some fabric glue, get a scarf of your choice and kind form it perfectly around the head band. Glue certain pieces first and cut and form it just so on the ends. I know it may sound crazy bc you would be cutting up a scarf, but sounds cool to me and I know it could be done!

    Also you could prolly make about 3 or so headbands depending on the size and you could trade them around with other coach lovers that way you could get a variety of styles and colors! :yes:

    What do you all think of this?

    Stupid, Crazy, Hot, Very cool, impossible? hehe
  2. I saw a listing on eBay where a girl had done this! She had it professionally done by a seamstress. I think it sounds like a great idea!
  3. Wow, that sounds like a really good idea!
  4. ohh that is kinda a fun idea!! :smile:
  5. Great idea!!! I think we should come up with the pattern first, as far as length and width and then use it and share it. I volunteer to do that. My Mom is an excellent seamstress. Let me know.
  6. lolitablue thats so cool of you to offer!!!!

    do you mean length and width of the headband we would be using to glue it on to?
  7. i personally wouldnt do that to my scarves because i use them also as neck ties and scarves for my bags.
  8. ooh, my ponytail scarf kept slipping off my head today and i had this exact same idea!
  9. JENN:~~~ I have the same problem too with the hair scarves cause i always tie them on my head and im scared cause once i lost one that way so i bought those little

    that type of clip and i clip it behind my ears to my hair it seems to help it stay up too!
  10. i use bobby pins behind my ears to secure it. i use two so one goes one way and the other goes the opposite and they criss cross.
  11. those sound like great ideas to keep scarves on ur heads ladies . . . i should get a scarf about now and try some of those methods out.

    oh and about the headband idea, it sounds pretty interesting.

    please post pics if anyone actually does it.
  12. That's a great idea ^-^
  13. This could probably also be done with a ponytail scarf carefully tied and then somehow attached to the headband...this way you would not have to cut the scarf if you wanted to use it other ways.
  14. wow that is a good idea