Coach Haydee Loafer

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  1. I've been feeling "Old School" for fall and wanted a bookish loafer shoe. I ordered both the Bass Weejuns from Zappos but also the Coach Haydee Loafer in Burgundy. I poured through the Coach threads looking for hints on sizing but couldn't find anything other than Coach typically runs large. I took a chance and ordered these from Dillards and they were True to Size and comfortable right out of the box. Their stitching really is blue like in the picture but it looks cute. :smile: Just wanted to make a note of this in case anyone else is thinking of ordering these with dreams of wearing them without socks or a cozy argyle sock for winter! They feel really solid and a great long term purchase.

    Oh and one more thing, the picture that got me to order these? It was a blog and I fell in love with the image.

    Scroll down and look how cute these look with rolled up jeans! :biggrin:
  2. So cute! Might have to get a pair, myself.

    What Coach purse is that? Anyone know?
  3. Looks like the Court bag. I had one many years ago.
  4. I had one too, in the same color. I gave it away along with my duffles and a few other bags. *sads* What was I thinking!
  5. THose shoes look adorable! Do you do a lot of walking in them? Would they be good for a day of walking around the city?
  6. I would think so, these just arrived but walking around the house, they were really comfortable!
  7. It's lovely. Thanks for letting me know the name. :roflmfao:
  8. Tried these on in store today. I couldn't believe how comfortable they were! Fantastic!
  9. Those are some real cute shoes!!
  10. Those are super cute!
  11. Ahh, just stumbled on this thread! I have the Haydee loafers in Carnelian and am about to order the pewter ones too... great, comfortable shoes and TTS.
  12. those are adorable....thanks for posting! i've been on the lookout for a pair of cute loafers for the fall.
  13. Haydee loafers are great, I have pewter (which I love) and just used pce for black ones. I will live in these this Fall/Winter.
  14. I am going to have to get thiese!