Coach Hawaii

  1. I am off to Hawaii for a couple weeks. I noticed that there are several Coach stores there. Are they about all the same or is one a "must see". Also are there any Hawaii exclusives right now? Is the outlet any good? Thanks for any information! Barb
  2. Just a heads up...I have heard from others on this forum that the Hawaii stores are marked up 20% more than the mainland stores. If this is the case, you may want to save your Coach shopping for when you get home (provided you have a store nearby).
  3. That is true about the retail stores... Although I've heard the outlet ROCKS!! Maya seems to score big time everytime she comes back from the outlet store!!
  4. Yes, our stores are marked up by 20% so I wouldn't shop there unless you wanted something "exclusive"... but it seems that our "exclusive" items are exclusive to Japan, Hawaii, AND Las Vegas... so I'd much rather get the bag shipped from Vegas if I wanted it so bad. I don't know if there are currently any exclusive items at our stores... The last time I was in there, they had the exclusive signature Ergo's with pink lining which they made only about 25 of total. The SA tried to talk me into buying it, but I told him, "Why would I buy it here when I get can it in Vegas for 20% cheaper?"

    I don't really know if there are any real differences in selection when it comes to our Ala Moana and Waikiki stores... And I don't even remember how many stores there are in Waikiki. I can recall three off the top of my head but there definitely may be more!! I do like the one next to Tiffany's in Waikiki because it's 1 1/2 floors... and I vaguely remember someone saying they'll get things in that other stores don't - but don't hold me to that because my memory has never been good. I pretty much stick to Ala Moana because I don't like to have to search for and pay for parking there.

    Our outlet is nice and I'm there at least every other weekend just to see what they have... but you have to remember our outlet prices are still going to be more than the mainland outlet prices because our merchandise that goes to the outlet has been marked up. So the sale will be on marked up items. For example, I paid almost $300 for my white Ali at the outlet, while I'm reading threads where girls are getting them for the low $200's on the mainland. Also, for the first time, I'm actually disappointed in the selection at my outlet but I think that's because I'm so dead set on getting myself a clay shoulder bag (at an outlet price) - which they have none of - that I'm really sad...

    I hope you have fun here, though!!
  5. Maya, where exactly is the outlet? I visit Hawaii every April and I never knew there was a Coach outlet there?? TIA
  6. It's in the Waikele Shopping Center in Waipahu on the Leeward side of the island.
  7. Thanks everyone! I am really looking forward to my trip. How do they advertise the exclusive items? Will there be a special spot in the store or should I ask. I would love to get something different. Plus the end of Jan I will be in Vegas so there is always there too. I'm going to check out the outlet anyways. Never know what I MUST have! LOL Barb :okay:
  8. No, there's no special section for exclusive items... I'd suggest you ask. Depending on what the exclusive item is, it'll be in it's respective section. For example, the Ergo with pink lining I was talking about with all the other Ergo's. The limited Miranda was with the other Miranda's and Legacy items.
  9. I work at Coach AlaMoana, and don't worry about the inflated prices because there's a storewide sale going on right now until Christmas where every single thing you purchased is 25% off. And yes, there are some Hawaii exclusive wallets, as well as some items exclusive to Las Vegas/Hawaii. Happy Shopping!
  10. Great news! I would love a new wallet. I've had mine for 2 years now and very bored with it. Any other info you may have would be great. On another note...anything that is not your typical tourist thing to do. I also have 5 and 12 year old girls. We are visiting my brother-inlaw. But he has no kids so he is kind of clueless. lol We leave on Sunday!!:woohoo::wlae::yahoo:
  11. I miss Hawaii so much! The outlet is fun... I was so spoiled by the outlet there that I can't stand my new outlet. It's so lame. :sad:

    If you have a military ID, you NEED to go to the NEX. Their selection of Coach is insane (regular season boutique items at 20-30% off). The NEX in Hawaii has the largest Coach selection in the US/abroad.

    A lot of other retail stores in Hawaii are actually less than the mainland, so have fun shopping for anything but Coach! I know Dior is 10% in Hawaii than it is on the mainland. Also, tax is only 4%.
  12. Just FYI the outlet isn't SUPER close to waikiki and ala moana. Well its close considering you're on an island :p ;) but it's not down the street or anything, but its worth paying a visit!! :tup:

    Oh and like Maya said.. I also prefer the ala moana coach to the ones along waikiki..unless you're already parked somewhere finding parking can be a pain!
  13. If you guys have a rental car you can drive there in about 45 min (with medium flow traffic). They also have shuttles that take you there from Waikiki/Ala Moana. Since you are visiting family I'm sure your brother will know where it is.
  14. For your children, we have the aquarium (but ours is junk compared to Maui or other places), zoo, the Discovery Center, putt putt golfing at a few places, Dave & Busters, Sea Life Park... there really isn't a lot of stuff to do for young children.

    As far as places to eat, my favorite restaurant is Shokudo Japanese which is a Japanese fusion restaurant. Mmmmmmm... I just went there for lunch today!!