Coach Hawaii

  1. Hi everyone! Have any of you ladies stopped by the Coach Ala Moana store in Hawaii by any chance lately? I work as a sales associate there so I'd love to meet some of you if you'd like to stop by!

    btw...25% sale going on right now storewide : ]
  2. Well I was there in June for 2 weeks when I was visiting my grandparents... so maybe I saw you and didn't even know it!!! :shrugs::p:lol:
  3. I go every once in a while just to try things on but I never buy from our boutiques because I refuse to pay 20% more for something just because of where I live. *lol* It's easier to try something on here, then get a friend to purchase it on the mainland and ship it in a $9 flat rate box... or there's also the Navy Exchange.
  4. The one my DH was at last night had 25% off the entire store!! He used my PCE card (last day was yesterday) and since Montana has no tax, he had the purchases shipped to our home to save on that (free shipping, 2nd day air). When DH noted how expensive the prices were, the SA said they'd ship them from JAX so I got 25% off the mainland price!! BUT, he did get some things in the Hawaii store(s) that were 25% off because there was some exclusive things (he won't say....leaving it a surprise). They also shipped those from the boutique to save on sales tax (2nd day air---free shipping).

  5. Awesome! I'm from MT and we live close to the ND border and used to pull the old we don't pay sales tax thing. There used to be this form you would fill out if your purchase was more than $50 in any store. I miss's awesome that they went above and beyond for you not to pay sales tax, get the 25% off and get the mainland pricing. Coach CS ROCKS!
  6. Yeah, I know it sucks that Hawaii does have inflated prices... : [... we are a tourist destination after all, and the Ala Moana store is one of the biggest sellers in the district. There was a proposal made to restore Hawaii prices to mainland ones,but corporate hasn't decided yet... we're all hoping that they do because i hate having to explain the inflation to customers too!
  7. I'll be there next November!! Maybe I'll get a chance to stop in. Although to be completey honest, I'll probably spend most of my shopping time at the outlet...everytime maya gets back from there she makes me drool!!
  8. yes, the inflated rate would prevent me from purchasing anything!
  9. I'm still wanting to know why Coach and other designer boutiques are so jacked up in price, yet LV is actually cheaper in Hawaii than the mainland (not by a lot but still)!! I wonder what the reasoning behind this is...

    And yup, the mark up is insane and sucks for the local people. Yeah, we're a tourist industry but we already have to pay for the high cost of living with real estate and food so now we have to add designer items to the list. BLAH.
  10. But you live in paradise!!! :yahoo:
  11. Hahaha. Yeah, but we DEFINITELY pay the price... and that really does kind of suck, especially for those who grew up here and our whole life is here and if we want to stay we have to really pay for it. *sigh* Regardless, I love living in Hawaii more than any place else so I gotta SUCK - IT - UP. *lol*
  12. It is beautiful!! We used to live in Okinawa (3 years) and I just LOVED the island. I really feel I'm destined to live by water since I'm a MN girl born way up on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Now I'm surrounded by the Rocky Mountains but someday I'll have water around me again (preferably tropical).