Coach HATS! Too much? Or too cute?


Coach HATS! Too cute or too much?

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  1. Dunno why...but I find this adorable for the summertime...and it doesn't scream COACH!!!

    Would you/do you wear Coach hats? Or is it a bit too much?

  2. I like it! I think it would be great for summer. But I have several Coach crushers that I wear in the rain and I get tons of compliments on them.
  3. hats are just not me. but they are cute!
  4. I have one herringbone pink hat that matches a hobo. I don't wear it too often but get compliments when I do. I think the watercolor hat would be great for sunny summer days.
  5. Great for summer! Very cute!
  6. I think the watercolor one is a bit much except for maybe the beach, but the signature crushers etc are pretty cute as long as you dont' have the matching bag, watch, shoes, etc.
  7. Yes I have this one but in black...

    its so cute IMO. I don't like wearing hats but I wear this one all the time.
  8. the cutest! buy it and wear it!
  9. I like it deweydrop!!
    That hat with maybe a neutral color springy dress, maybe all white and the watercolor flip flops, omg that would be so cute.
  10. Love the colors. I would wear it.
  11. I have a few Coach hats! Love 'em!:yes:
  12. I like the hats...just not watercolor stripe.
  13. i love hats in theory..but when i buy them, i never wear them.. i just feel funny leaving the house with one on .. guess it's just not me
  14. LOL...ok, I agree.
    I tried one on this weekend...I looked like an uber dork.

    hats are not for me...unless they are my baseball or cowboy hats!
  15. i have about 3 or 4 hats but i don't wear them anymore and don't know why! i think coach hats are adorable!