Coach Hats. Do you have pics?

  1. Do you own any Coach hats? How do you wear it? I went to the Coach outlet the other day ans saw the legacy stripe beret (sp?). I have super long hair (all the way to my waist) and thought I look goofy in that hat so I didn't buy it.

    I wear my signature Coach visor with my ponytail a lot though :smile:
  2. I ordered it from eBay... when I get it I will model it for you!
  3. I used to have a pic of me wearing my suede one in my avatar.
    Here it is!
    Not a full one, but its very flattering on my round face!
  4. I miss that pic as your avatar handbglvr! It took me a while to recognize the new you, lol.
  5. LOL mwisner!

    As soon as I get my Ergo in a few weeks, I'll put that one back up!:yes: