Coach Hat Sizing

  1. I know the Coach hats (the floppy ones-crusher?) come in 2 sizes. M/L and P/S. I'm just wondering what size I should try because I have never seen these in my department store nor in any of the Coach stores around here to try it on. Any advice?
  2. Okay, I measured my head around the forhead, and it is roughly 22 inches. I can wear a P/S Coach crusher hat. Hope that helps!
  3. That should definitely help, thanks! :tup:

    Off to measure my head :p
  4. unless you have really big or thick hair (or braids, etc), if you have an average or smaller head, go for a P/S. I have 2 crushers, both black, one P/S, one M/L. when i used to wear my hair braided, the M/L was perfect. now i can't wear it when the wind blows because it'll literally blow right off.