Coach has officially made my *~DREAM BAG~*!

  1. And this is it. Its every thing I've ever wanted in a Coach bag. My fav. colors, sig. and embossed sig. on the leather strip and my favorite style, the Carryall!! I can not wait to make this beauty mine! Just had to share my excitement!!:yahoo:[​IMG]
  2. Love It !!
  3. WOW... Love it!
    I also love your Pink resort.... are they out yet because I dont see any on
  4. What do ya bet with our exact same tase in bags you'll get one too!!:nuts::tup:
  5. Resort? do ya mean my rose legacy? Im not a lucky owner of a resort yet;)

    Nope there not out yet, but you bet I'll be waiting very unpatiently!:sweatdrop:
  6. That is an awesome bag! I :heart:PINK!
  7. I'm seriously feelin this bag too. I KNEW you would love it as soon as it was posted. You have the BEST taste! :yes:
  8. I like your PURSE TASTE!! This purse has all the "IT" factors :yes:

  9. Wow, I can see why this is your dream bag, it is DREAMY! :drool:

    I definitely have got the Coach&Pink fever!
  10. Omg that bag is beautiful!!
  11. Really pretty. Can't wait to see what it will look like on you!
  12. I know the feeling. . . congrats!
  13. If anyone is interrested I was able to pry a little info out of Jax:graucho: This is the medium embossed signature stripe in lilac......looks pink though:tup: Item#11620 price: $358:smile:
  14. Very pretty I hope you get it.
  15. Love it! I'll be owning that one too. I SO want a khaki sig with white bag for spring. Throw in the pink/lilac and I'm in heaven!!