Coach has lost it

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  1. Well, i'm new here but i just wanted to say a few things about coach. In school, i had it before everyone else did but in the past two years , it seems that coach has become in such demand that, every one has it! It almost doesn't seem designer anymore, no one really wants it 'cause everyone already has it.
    Thoughts Ideas?
  2. As long as you like a particular bag, what difference does it make if others already have one like it?
  3. A much discussed topic, lots of differences of opinion. In general, I like to think that as long as somebody likes it, I really don't have the right to bash it.
  4. As long as someone likes a bag, I don't see the point of someone saying that they dislike it because they see it everywhere. It would be like me saying that I see LV Speedys everywhere in SF. People love the bags and brand.
  5. I disagree with the bolded statement above. Every time I go to the outlet there's ALWAYS a long line of eager customers, and most of them grab more than one bag at a time. If you visit the Coach forum, there are so many people who pleads to get the PCE card coz they didn't get one so they can get their hands on the latest bag.

    What I will say is I won't pay full price for their bag coz I know I can get it at a discounted price at the outlet. Of course I feel the same way towards other brands like Gucci, Prada, and BV.
  6. I truly love the brand but I wont pay full price for it because I know, as said also by love2shop_26 for 300-500 dollars for a large handbag, I could get a gucci at the outlets. I love the bags I have and wouldn't trade or sell them but, i wouldn't buy more at full retail price.I know my origional statments sounded harsh but im not great at writing, and i apolizgise
  7. Coach has been a great quality brand (especially the leather bags) for years. I think everyone is buying it for a reason. I believe in buying what you like personally -- not because someone else is carrying it...and not because no one else has it. Just be you
  8. Hey chicken! Welcome to the Forum!! I understand what you mean. Coach is definitely a designer bag though. There are several reasons why you see it on the masses. A) Their customer service is second to none; B) They make a very decent product; and C) They continue to change up their styles and price at a reasonable range. They aren't too cheaply priced and they do make a few high end bags which they limit in production. IMO they are one very smart company and I commend them.

    Try not to get turned off by a company because you see a lot of them. Instead think how smart and savvy and successful the company is to get such a broad range of customers with their bags! ;) They are obviously doing something right! I, personally, dislike logo bags but I don't get turned off when I see someone wearing one. It doesn't bother me the least. That is the beautiful thing about having so many diverse bags!
  9. This has been talked about so much that the point is really useless. We have thread upon thread bashing or defending Coach. People will carry what they like. I like Coach leather don't care for signature and I don't like LV Mono but love Damier. See the issue is people trying to say something about the brand that someone else loves and as everyone else has said.....Carry what you like and let others carry what they like. That is why we have so many different styles and brands not everyone love's the same thing or carries the same thing. We don't all think or look alike why should our purses.
  10. I've never understood the need to publicly bash a brand. There are people who love Coach here and people who don't; likewise with LV and others. Why the need to announce what we DON'T like when we know it will offend others?
  11. ^^ this is what I was trying to say as well. Does it make someone feel more important or better then someone else by saying what they love it not a good brand or designer? I wish everyone would just love their purses...isn't that why we are here?
  12. Well said! Everyone mostly knows I LOVE Valentino. In a Valentino thread, someone came on after all of our V-bag gushing and wrote "blech, so ugly". All I can say is .... WHY?!?
  13. I totally agree!
  14. I'm not a Coach fan myself (although I do love the Sabrina) but I just think that if you like something, you shouldn't let anyone else's opinions change how you feel about it. I don't think that having the same bag as someone else is the end of the world, it's just not something that bothers me. With Coach's popularity I think it also has to do with attainability and pricing. As far as designer bags go it's definitely on the more affordable side and there will always be people who buy designer bags for the sake of buying designer bags. If Hermes was priced more in that range, the label whores would probably snatch those up too. It's annoying for people who actually buy the brand because they like it, but what can you do
  15. The overload of logos did turned me off but alot of people seems to love it. It doesn't help when trashy people are being photographed and seen with it ie Jersey Shore and at where I am...typical housewives and some ppl/community that are the least desirable to be associated with.

    Also since it's so easily found, the appeal is less. I like my bags unknown and limited.

    I agree with some of the comments above - I will never pay a full price for it now that there's outlet. Back in the days, I used to pay really hefty prices for some of the small items.