Coach has a few Tea Rose 38mm Apple Watch straps

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  1. Check out
  2. boo, I wish they made the womens in the 42mm size too. I would love the appliqué one or even the one with rexy on it.
  3. I ordered the black/purple tea rose band last night. I wear my Apple Watch every day and I'm super excited about this band - it's gorgeous.
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  4. +1
    This made me very sad!! Women have the 42mm also!
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  5. I ordered that one as well. My watch is rose gold, so I will replace the clasp with a rose gold one.
  6. Hopefully they will realize this when they make another collection.
  7. The chalk band is stunning in person. A teeny tiny version of the tea rose chalk dinky.
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  8. I ordered this one in black and saddle but the black one was cancelled.
  9. Are you getting yours? Mine was cancelled.
  10. Gorgeous! I think I have to get the matching Dinky now.

    Oh no! I wonder why. I want one but it doesn't look like it exactly matches the Tea Rose bags out now. I wonder if there is a darker version coming.
  11. Oh they are all sold out. I hope they come back in stock soon.
  12. I hope they come back in stock! My order was cancelled :sad:
  13. Oh no! Mine has shipped, I should have it Thursday. I'm glad I ordered when I did, didn't realize they'd sell out so quick. Sorry that happened to you!
  14. Some stores have them. I wouldn't give up. Find your high volume stores and call. They are buried treasure. That is how I found mine. The tech blogs released a press release about ten days ago on the bands so the PR was out there to techies who kept their eyes out. But as fan girls and boys of Coach we know how to find a way to find one.
  15. Oh I was wondering how that happened. That makes sense now. I'll check some stores but I'm hoping for a restock anyway.