Coach Hangtag Question

  1. Hi, ladies! I love reading your posts. When I get my latest purchase (A Legacy Satchel in Pond), I'll be sure to post some pictures of my small collection!

    Meanwhile, I have a tiny problem. The hangtag from my orchid pink Soho Hobo (leather) has gone missing! If I call coach, can I get a replacement? It was an outlet purchase, but I really miss the hangtag.

  2. call coach, with the FULL number on the creed patch and the color and they'll send you a new hangtag at no charge
  3. yes you can call and get a replacement.

    but actually RECEIVING the correct hangtag after that is a different story...some ladies here are, I called 3 times and NEVER got the right hangtag.
  4. Thank you!

    Gee, if they mess up enough, between all of us we can make our own LE Lily Straw. :p
  5. not that you're still bitter...nooo...
  6. :blah:

    no...not bitter at all...grrrrr....
  7. I actually found a use for one of them!

    YOu know how "made for outlet bags" have "chintzy" (imo) zipper pulls on interior zippers? (small chain with a small circle?) I added one of the random tags to my Chelsea tote interior zipper...makes it easier to grab now!
  8. I'm willing to take bets that we'll see some hideous fake monstrosity like that on eBay. :throwup:
  9. ^^ ^^
    more hideous than COACH'S version? not too easy haha
  10. If you have a boutique near you , Its best to walk in and ask if they have the tag there. They carry some in the back.
  11. I didn't know you could do that.
  12. I called to get a replacement, they said 2 to 3 weeks and hopefully I will get the correct one, if not I will try again~
  13. I ordered one for one of my bags and had it sent to the boutique ( I live in Canada and they wont ship it to me) when I went it to see if it was there the SA told me that she didn't recieve a package for me but that she has a bunch of hand tags in the back. She brought them all out for me
  14. That's a great idea re: using them for zipper pulls. I have a Hamptons Multifunction Tote-- the recently discontinued red one. Full price, ordered from the boutique, and the inner pocket has the chintziest zipper! I was going to buy a charm for it, or maybe make a little beaded thing myself, but your hangtag idea is fantastic!
  15. I called for two and got one. I have to call again. At least the one they sent was one of those I asked.