Coach hang tag question

  1. My sister bought a fake Coach and I told her everyone could tell it was fake because of the gold/brass hang tag, I told her all coach bags have leather tags. It was a fake Carly, she's since burried it in her closet and bought a real one:yahoo:

    So I seen a bag on and it has this metal hang tag, can someone please explain this.
  2. Some Coach bags unfortunately :rolleyes: do have the metal hangtags.
  3. ^^Yup, I have a leather duffle that is 100% authentic and has a metal hangtag:yes:
  4. Yes, there are certain styles that do have the brass hangtag. Carly's do not have brass hangtags, however.
  5. The Bleecker tattersall wristlet has a gold metal hang tag. I bought it in the Coach store so I'm sure it's authentic.
  6. I've found that more often that not, a metal hang tag = fake, but now it seems that a few Bleecker and Thompson items have metal hang tags. I have a Tattersall coin purse that has a tiny metal hang tag and it's certainly not fake!
  7. I have 2 of the older sig. duffles, both came with metal hangtags.

    Also a lot of times if you lose your hangtag and call Jax and they don't have the orginal one that came with your type of bag, they will send you a metal one to try and match it to the hardware of your bag.

    I lost my hangtag for my braded xl leather duffle 2 times!!!!!! They sent me a nice matching one the first time and a brass one the second!!!! It was so upsetting, I lost her, got a beautiful replacement and then lost it AGAIN!!!! I couldn't belive it!!!! I felt like such a dumba$$ :cursing:!!!
  8. I had lost 2 leather hangtags for my Legacy '06 Mandy and '06 Shoulder Bag. Tried to get JAX to match the replacements but they sent me shiny brass metal hangtags instead (both bags had ANTIQUE brass hardware). So, rather than using the obvious mismatched hangtags, I just go without now. :crybaby:
  9. Mine is the suede duffle and it has a metal tag, too! ;)
  10. My Gramercy top handle from 1999 has a big brass hang tag that is double sided and it's original to the bag... so they have been doing this for a while.

    I like the metal ones (the real ones, that is!!)
  11. My Chelsea Abbey also has a metal hangtag iirc.
  12. My sis-in-law has that pretty top handle pouch from last fall...the red velvety one and it has a metal hang tag.
  13. I don't have a style name for this bag, but she has a silver metal hang tag.

  14. LMFAO at this thread...

    before you start judging folks on their bag, you should do a little if you know it was fake because she told you it was fake, that's one thing. but basing it on a hangtag alone really means nothing.

    as many people before have posted, SEVERAL authentic coach bags do in fact come with metal hangtags. I for one have 2 or 3 bags with them, including my leather pleated hobo (brass hangtag) and my signature duffle (nickel hangtag).

    you asked for it to be explained, but can it really? it's just the way the company chose for a specific bag to have a specific look.