Coach handles too short?

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  1. I have been waiting for over a year for the perfect coach bag: black canvas with leather trim, interesting buckle, zipper top, AND long handles!! I would like it to be mid-size (big enough to toss in a wallet, ipod, glasses, water bottle, cell phone, etc.)

    I love so many of the coach bags, but their handles are too short. I live in Manhattan, and I need a bag that I can easily put on my shoulder (over a heavy coat) so that I can carry other items during my commute. I just keep waiting for them to make a "tote" with longer handles.

    Anybody else have this issue? Can you recommend a Coach bag that may fit my needs?
  2. What about the shoulder tote? It's a tote style but the perfect shoulder strap!
  3. Hi. I like the shoulder tote, but I definitely prefer a bag with a zipper closure. I looked at the shoulder tote today, and it just felt too open. I'd be nervous about having the bag on a crowded subway. The duffles are too long and narrow. I'd lose things in there!!
  4. My book tote from the outlet has long enough handles to use with a heavy coat..and it will zip up. Most outlets have some of this style all the time. Usually around $200.
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