Coach Handbags Flickr group anyone?

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  1. Wouldn't it be fun to pool pictures together on Flickr? If we tag pictures somewhat diligently, we could have an awesome searchable resource of handbag images? What a great addition to this forum!

    If I started it, would anyone be interested in joining?

    Or... does something like this already exist? I searched on flickr but to no avail.
  2. I'd love it. I already belong and post in the "what's in my bag" group. I'd love to have a place just to stare at Coach all day :drool:.
  3. Ooh! I'd be in!!
  4. I would def. get in on that, great idea!
  5. Sounds good!
  6. What is flickr? *feels stupid*
  7. don't feel stupid! it's a photography community like site. you can have a personal account to store your own photos, and create groups to share photos with others about any particular subject. :smile:

  8. The only question I have is about setup - really directed at mods. I don't want to step on any mod toes or violate the forum guidlines, and I know that it's against rules to promote another community. In order to maintain an affiliation with tPF, membership would have to be controlled in some way. I'm not a mod. I'd be happy to make it an open group, so even non tPF members could join the Flickr group and possible then be prompted to join tPF. But i'll make it open only if it won't be regarded as plugging another community.

    Or am I overthinking this too much?
  9. OK, for anyone interested I went ahead and created a group. I made it invite only, to avoid any possible problems with a competing community - I see it as an annex to the Coach forum where we can share purse pictures and establish a gallery. If you'd like to join the flickr group ( send me a PM with your email address and/or Flickr ID and I'll pop you off an invite as soon as I humanly can.
  10. So I checked with Vlad, who doesn't have any problem with this. I was thinking we could all upload pictures of Coach stuff and tag them with appropriate keywords for styles, colors, etc. That way when people want to see pictures of a bag, we are approaching an awesome reference of Coach bags past and present!

    It would require you to have a basic Flickr account, and to join the group. Right now it's set to be exclusive membership, because I figured it should be an extension of tPF Coach forum, so if you want to join and post pictures, just let me know and/or go through flickr and request membership. I'll add you ASAP. (Right now there's only one picture in the group, because it's the only Coach picture I have in my account. ;)

    Here's the group page:

    Think it would be fun? Anyone in? (I need a big project to divert me from shopping for a good long time. Nothing better than shopping except for taking pictures of everything I own! Wheeeee!)
  11. I've joined. And invited a few friends. :graucho:
  12. I'd be willing to help out too.:smile:
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