Coach Handbags Finally over 1K *LONG*

  1. I have been buying beautiful, long-lasting Coach handbags for 15 years now. Ever since my first real paying job.
    But today I got my Coach email and was SHOCKED to see several Coach handbags over $1000
    [​IMG] $1450

    And I agree that they have a lot of detail, but they don't seem to be limited.

    I know that Coach is trying to appeal to a higher bracket. But I'm concerned that the high prices are shutting out the person that I used to be. The person who is trying for or just got her first job. The person who wants her first beautiful real designer purse.

    I'm really not trying to slam Coach. I have so many beautiful Coach bags which I LOVE. But help me reconcile this. I don't feel I can introduce the younger generation to Coach anymore. The prices alone will stop them. I don't know what else is out there as a introduction designer brand.
  2. ^^Dooney and Bourke is really all that's left in that lower price range. I agree that the price point is jumping too much and I'm concerned that our core customer group is going to be excluded should prices continue to go up.
  3. I could see that 1K price if the pieces were limited and we were assured that they weren't made in China. But...they're not.
    I feel that the only recourse for my younger friends is the outlet. Dooney seems either teenager (the prints) or really mom-like. Just not for work. That's just my short impression. ARRGH, that email really got to me today.

  4. Sarah, I think the fact that Coach is discontinuing the Soho line proves they are trying to "move up in the world". I always thought of the Soho bags were a real staple in the Coach line that had broad appeal and reasonable prices. I don't know what the price points will be on the new Bleeker line but I doubt any of those bags will be much under $400, if at all. I am not sure what I think about all this. They obviously wouldn't be hiking the prices if they thought we wouldn't spend the money. At what point do we resist that TDF bag because it just costs too much?
  5. For sure, those particulak 1K+ bags are quite expensive and something I'm not used to particularly for COACH. There are still some lovely $300-$400 pieces that can still be a bit pricey for those purchasing their first designer bag. I guess those wanting to buy COACH would have to determine for themselves how much is too much for what they're getting, KWIM? Super deals can still be found at the outlets, possibly finding those $300-$400 pieces for cheaper too.
  6. The outlets is where a lot of those expensive bags will end up when Coach sees that nobody wants to pay that much...
  7. Marianna, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I can't believe we got rid of the Soho collection.

    I DO know that Bleecker is supposed to be lighter weight leather and is going to be in the $300-$400 range, but still. You could get a soho hobo for $198, and none of our bags will have that price point by next year. It really concerns me. What is going to keep people from using that $1k to buy LV? Because even though I work at Coach I must say if I'm going to drop a G on a bag, it's gonna be LV or Chanel, kwim?
  8. I think the Outlets will be the way that younger people shop in the future. I really don't know how Coach could do away with the Soho Collection. That is a Coach Staple and should be a permanent Collection. I have a budget this fall for three more bags at the most. I may only get two with these prices going higher and higher.
    I don't even think that the Lily Satchel or the Miranda Satchel warrant these high prices. Coach has always been an introduction price point wise for young people wanting a designer purse. If Coach keeps pushing up the prices they may lose their true customer base so they are really treading in dangerous waters.
  9. Heh heh--that's what I'm waiting for!;)

  10. i had no idea coach was discontinuing the soho line. aw man!

    i totally agree with you girls! i just graduated from college and started my first job a month ago. i'm so excited to start making a steady income. i've loved coach since i was in high school and have been collecting little pieces here and there. i love gucci and LV, but i could never justify paying so much for one purse, when that could cover one month's rent. i love coach because it's a beautiful and classic brand, plus totally affordable. i can't believe there are so many gorgeous coach handbags that are over $1000. it's like pure torture for me to stare and drool over it, and then walk out of the store empty-handed and devastated i can't take it home. :sad:

  11. And what if some of us do take the are we going to feel when they end up at an outlet so quickly...will we continue to purchase as prices zoom skyward and outlets receive them before even a season has passed???

    I know, I for one, will be much more cautious about purchasing full-price or even PCE bags after watching how many bags (like my white/turquoise ergos & many others I don't own, but seriously considered) were sent to outlets within 3 MONTHS!:nuts:
  12. I've only been buying Coach for the past year. I remember years ago, going into an outlet in Vermont, and thinking that the prices were way too high, and that was at an outlet! It seemed every bag I liked was 2-300, and this was at a time when 50 was a lot for me to spend on a purse (you have to remember, this was quite a while ago). However, I am still not at the level that many of you are -- my two Carlys are from the outlet, I couldn't even bring myself to buy them with the PCE. I love these new expensive bags, but there's just no way I could ever see paying that much.
  13. what soho is discontinuing, that was my favorite line, i'm in love with the small hobo's.

    Coach is going more upscale and fairly I can't afford it anymore. For the quality, the size, and the prices it's getting ridiuclous. One of they're biggest markets was teenagers, like me, and I know my parent's aren't going to shell out more than $250 for a coach bag.Most of the people I usually see in my store are in the 12-25 range. Yes there's always the outlets, but that is alimited selection. My mom has already switched from Coach to Cole Haan due to quality issues and they're prices being more reasonable for what you're getting. I'll still love Coach, but I might have to start switching over to another brand since Coach's prices are getting higher and their quality is getting worse.
  14. OT--I think Cole Haan has some fabulous bags!

  15. I totally agree with you. I would hate to pay $1,000 for a bag and 3 months later it's half the price.