Coach Handbag Style #6044

  1. Hi, I love Coach handbags and have been using the Large Hobo (black on black) signature for a while now and find it so heavy. I recently purchased style #6044 which is a small bag. I was wondering if anyone out there owns this bag and could tell me how much fits in to it? I should receive mine in a couple more days. Thanks!!!!
  2. Cute bag! I have a bag that is the same size, but different design. It can hold A-LOT, believe me.
  3. do you have a pic? would love to see what youre talking about :smile:
  4. Is it the small signature hobo? Just like the pink one in Coachlover's avatar? If yes, then I have it, and it does hold a lot. I can fit wallet, cell phone, change purse, small brush, makeup, keys, and candy, and I bet a couple more things.
    Edit: NVM, just googled it, and it's not the small sig. hobo. Cute bag, though!!
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