Coach Handbag In The Washing Machine..

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  1. I purchased a handbag from ebay that was described as like new condition, I received it a few days ago and it was nasty. I purchased the bag at such a good price, I did not feel returning the bag would be worth it.

    I decided to take my chances and put the handbag in the washing machine. I put it on delicate & no spin. It looks 100% better now. The interior looks great.

    I will post before & after pics of the handbag.
    IMG_3605.JPG IMG_3606.JPG IMG_3607.JPG IMG_3608.JPG IMG_3609.JPG IMG_3611.JPG IMG_3782.JPG IMG_3783.JPG IMG_3784.JPG IMG_3785.JPG
  2. More pictures...
    IMG_3786.JPG IMG_3787.JPG IMG_3794.JPG
  3. Congratulations! Is that a scarf print?
  4. Nice job! Looks great
  5. Thank You! I call it polka dot print, but I am not sure if that is the correct name for the bag.

  6. It looks great...enjoy your new purse :biggrin:
  7. That bag came out super clean! Nice work. Enjoy your new-to-you bag!
  8. Turned out great, but how could they say like new..Congrats enjoy her.
  9. Bag looks great! Good job! And now you know the bag can be washed again, if needed.
  10. That's great and it looks new again!!! It's nice when you take a chance and the results are better than expected ~ great job~
  11. Looks like it came out great!!
  12. Great job!!! I've done this with siggy bags before, I put them on delicate inside a pillow case. I sold 3 of them on ebay and one lady messaged me back after receiving the bag thanking me for the great deal on a brand new bag, I think she didn't read the whole list but it clearly said it was used, I'm glad she was happy!!

    I don't understand how people sell stuff in such condition on ebay. If I'm selling something I make sure I clean it to its best.

    Your bag looks like new after the wash, very pretty color!
  13. Thank You!

    It looks super clean now. Thanks so much!

    Thanks. I told the seller about the situation and he said to send it back because he did not know the bag was worth $100. No apology for how nasty the bag looked. I told him I am keeping the bag and I will try to clean it.

    Thank You!

    The bag did come out alot better than expected. That one wash took at least 90% of the stains out. Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Yep, it came out great. Thanks so much!

    I did not even think about placing the bag in a pillow case on delicate.
    Thanks! I love the colors. (My family & I are taking my Grandmother & Grandfather on a cruise for there 50th wedding anniversary in November, and this is the handbag I want to carry with me.)
  14. Wow, that looks so much better. Did you use a special type of detergent?
  15. I actually did not use any detergent on the bag. I did however spray some of the stains with a cleaner called "Stain-X" before sticking it in the washing machine.