Coach Hampton's

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  1. When I think of Coach Hamptons I think of classic Coach. We often overlook this line, so I thought it would be fun if we all posted pics of our Hampton's pieces and talk about why we like them so much!

    I guess I'll start!

    I am posting my:
    Hampton's Twill Marketplace Tote

    -This is my oldest Coach piece, it's from 2003 and I got it for a steal on eBay. I love the vachetta leather accents, and the bright green interior. The inside has six slip pockets, which is great if you have alot of odds and ends to carry. With this bag, I like to use classic coach signature pieces. I use my Penelope mini skinny, and my MFF signature skinny wristlet!

    Hampton's Capacity Wristlet (MFF)

    -I had always wanted one of these wristlets, and when it hit the outlet in this beautiful blue cervo leather, I knew I HAD to have it! I carry it with my Madison grass mini skinny inside my "birkin" lol, and seeing as how I can't afford real H, it's like my own rainbow, Coach style!

    Hamptons Vintage Wristlet

    -I passed this wristlet up at the outlet a few months ago, and was excited when I found it again on eBay. The blue leather and gold detail is phenomenal! I love the tunrlock on the front. I think with the turnlock and the two straps and buckles down the side, it mimics an XL Lily quite well. I generally carry this with my new Signature Stripe Carryon with my Grammery embossed mini skinny. But when I carry it with my Lily, I use my FP Tattersall Graffiti mini skinny!

    Ok folks! Let's start chatting about Hamptons!

  2. chat chat chat.
    im hoping to get that white wristlet!!!!
  3. ps-tpf is working, but facebook is a "restricted site" on my computer now. WTF
  4. ugh... stupid TPF and their viruses!
  5. i hope you get alot of replies in here!
    i know you love your hamptons!
  6. Oh I sure do! Do you have any Hamptons to share Wifeyb?
  7. gosh LouisLover, I dont know that i do......LOL im so i?
  8. Hampton vintage tote (7770)


    I purchased this from a lovely man on Bonanzle for an excellent price..

    PS: I heard from a certain person that the bag was on Sex in the City...:graucho:
  9. Yup that's right! One of my favorite episodes!
  10. YES! Madeline, and if you still have that lavender wallet, that counts too... and I think that's it!
  11. ill try to get pics up of madeline.
  12. Ok Coach Addict, Sex and the City Season 4 episode 64 "Ring a Ding Ding"

    In this episode, Carrie is learning to deal with financial responsibilities, and Miranda is pregnant and needs comfy shoes! Carrie is carrying the same Hamptons bag, only in a different color!

    Sorry for the bad pics, I took them directly off the tv with a dying camera battery!


  13. lol LL thats so awesome that you knew exactly which episode it was!
  14. I am a HUGE SATC freak! I watch the entire show at least twice a year!
  15. OMG we are soul sisters. i just watched all seasons a few months ago.
    scuse aim