Coach Hamptons Weekend Totes

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  1. Do you think we have a chance of seeing these bags in new colors this spring or summer?

    I have one from either two or three years ago (I lose track of time lol) in the black with the baby blue details (which I loved, the black made it match everything and the baby blue made it summer-esque). It was back when they were out in black, hot pink and the lime green.

    This bag was so cheap (I remember paying less than $200) and a pretty good size. I have brought this bag to the beach, to islands and everywhere and it is still going strong. But since it is so old now, I am dying to turn it into a perminent beach bag and get a new one as a black summer bag.

    I so wish they would make it again in black, but maybe this time a lavender or pink accent
  2. The bag I am refering to can be seen in the back, right hand corner of this pic:

  3. I have a black Hamptons tote, too but it's a slightly different style. Mine has teal trim with teal cloth inside. I know what you mean about it being sturdy. I used it almost every day this past summer and it still looks frand new!

    I haven't heard anything about the bags, so I'm gonna bump this up in case anybody else knows... I'd LOVE to get another one!
  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeebaaaaaaaaaay :smile: I see them there a lot
  5. I don't want an old one lol.

    I want a brand new one, in a brand new color pattern. : P
  6. I think they may release them again. I think they released them 2 years in a row. Not sure if they would come out with them in lavender though because they did that 2 years ago.

    I really love those bags. I was carrying one with me the other day in white and I spilled coke ALL OVER IT. I wiped it off with napkins and there was no stain! I couldn't believe it. I still ran to the bathroom to to clean it off with a little water though :smile: