Coach Hamptons Weekend Metallic Scribble Hobo

  1. #9494 in Brass/White/Silver. Ok, now that I have ordered this I'm wondering if any of you have this bag and what you think of it. I'm a big bag gal and with the 17" across, from handle to handle I'm thinking it ought to work for me. It has no feet nor does it have any leather that it sits on. So TLC in where I sit it. I love this bag. Many have said they did on the Q board and now I've bit the dust. Well, did I make a mistake or what? TIA:heart:
  2. oh definately not a mistake! I LOVE THAT BAG!! really be careful with it to avoid spots and marks but it'll be fine. good pick!
  3. Well after I got it ordered finally, now I receive a message that it is backordered. Oh well, that tells me I ordered the wrong bag. I cancelled it and she said new ones were becoming available as we speak, so I am just going to wait.
  4. I own that tote but the medium size. Its a great bag and the bottom is remarkably clean even though it has sat on the floor of the car, work, etc! I hope you find one you love.