coach hamptons WEEKEND HIP BAG..hip enough for a gal and her pup?

  1. i need something to carry my essentials when taking my dog out. what do you think about this?
  2. I just can't get into hip bags. They just call out "fanny pack" a little too much to me.
    But, that's just me. Go with whatever works best for you!
  3. What about a swing pack? Does the same thing, but without the "fanny pack" stigma? I had one and loved it.

    Not that the hip bag isn't very cool, just thought I would put it out there.
  4. I agree a swing pack would be a great bag for walking your dog with.
  5. I love my hip bag, I wear it like a swing pack. I didn't like my swing pack because it was more vertical and this one is more horizontal and easy to find things in it. Mine is from a few seasons ago, it's quite handy!
  6. ^ I've never seen it on anyone like that! Looks great
  7. I agree with everyone who said SWINGPACK! I use mine for everything, including walking my dog. Love it.
  8. thanks for the imput girls!! ive wanted a swingpack for a long time, its only that i like to carry a book or sometype of paper thing with me and it wont fit in a swing pack, or else i would have grabbed that scarf print one.. so cute:tender: maybe i should look at swing packs again or try anotheremptysky's opinion. if i should get a swing pack, which one do you think is the most durable print?
  9. ^^ i also like your outfit! cute shirt!
  10. Go for the hip pack! I really like the look of them. Of course the swing pack looks great as well. But the hip pack would work better for you. I like the signature pattern they seem to hold up the best.
  11. see thing is, it would be redundant for me to buy a swing pack becuase of my burberry..
  12. What about the flight bag. It is a men's item has a zip top (to keep your things safe) and a front pocket (for the unused bag you will need) and is 13x10x4. It is canvas, too, so rain and such won't hurt it.

    Here is a link:


    ***edit: There is a black nylon flight bag too (I though that the SA showed me one in black). It is also men's, zip top, outside pocket, but it is a north-south bag and is 9x10x4


  13. oh hey those are really cute, wow i really like some of the mens accessories this year!
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