Coach Hamptons Scribble Waist/Hip Bag

  1. I know this is a pretty old style (came out last last spring/summer) and some of you may think it's not the BEST Coach bag out there. But I never really got the chance to purchase it back then (I'm going travelling soon and I want a waist bag). I already have a signature swingpack and I don't really like the style of the other small belt bag. Anyone know where I can find the Coach Weekend Hamptons Scribble Waist Bag in White and Black? I dont really like the multicolor or the beige one. Anyone know where I can get my hands on one online? I've checked eBay =(


    Here's the pic of the multicolor one because I coulnd't find the pic of the white and black one!

    Or perhaps anyone willing to sell me theirs if it's in relatively good condition?

  2. I LOVE this Scribble! I almost bought this same style in a wristlet! I DID see the black and white one on eBay a few weeks ago! I will be sure to post a link for you if I see it again!