Coach Hamptons Perforated Large Hobo 10535

  1. Hi guys! Does anyone own this bag? The Coach Hampton Perforated Large Hobo. I got this bag from my hubby for the holidays in the khaki signature w/ camel leather combo, and the ONLY thing that annoys me about it is the fact that it does NOT stand up on it's own! It falls down unless you lean it up against something. I was wondering if ANYONE else owns this bag, and if there is something I can put in it to make it stand up on it's own? DH picked this out ON HIS OWN so I HAVE TO use it sometimes! LOL....Thanks so much!
  2. That is the one with the dog leash closure in the front, narrow on the top and wider on the bottom ? I don't think it will stand up, you could get a purse hook, i have one, my aunt gave me to hang on tables. I have never used it but if you need somewhere to put it while you are out, you can get one, i think it is called a purse caddy. Cute bag though !
  3. Thank you! That idea sounds you know where I can purchase a purse hook? Thx!
  4. Your welcome here is a site but i don't know if i am allowed to post it so i will pm you with it but if you do a google for "purse caddy" you will find lots of them.
  5. your husband has great taste, and the fact that he actually picked out one on his own makes him a keeper! I hope you find a solution!
  6. How do I read a PM? I am new here and VERY unsure of how to do this! HELP!!!!
    TejasMama: Thanks! He actually took both our kids to the Coach boutique in the mall on Xmas Eve and picked this one out all by himself!!! I was shocked when I opened it! That is why it has VERY sentimental meaning to me, even if I cant get it to stand up on it's own!!!! LOL.....
  7. Glitter Girl! I got your PM! and I LOVE those purse hooks....gotta get one of them and QUICK! Thanks so much for sending me the link! I REALLY appreciate your help! I wasnt sure how to read a PM, but then I realized it was EMAIL!!!! DUH!!!! LOL... thanks so much again for your help!