Coach Hamptons pebbled leather business tote

  1. Hi:

    What do you think of this tote for work? I like the inside compartments (zippered area, cell phone and PDA holder) and the outside zippered compartment in the back. Do you think this bag is classic, boring or just plain? Also, I went to the Coach outlet last week and didn't see anything like it, but I was wondering if you think that this bag is going to end up there soon? Thanks.
  2. The 5749 was already at the Outlets over late Summer. Is that the one you are talking about?
  3. No, I am talking about the Hamptons Pebbled Leather business carryall which is on the Coach website currently and is style 10215. It retails for $458.
    Do you like this bag?
  4. i think it's gorgeous!
    it looks very professional.
  5. I love that bag and would definitely buy it if I could afford it right now. I've looked at various versions of it at the store many times but can't justify it on my grad student income. However, once I'm done school next summer I'll probably buy it as a reward since I'll need a nice, classy-looking work bag.

    It's definitely a classic style and I don't think it's boring at all! Coach always seems to have that bag, not necessarily in the pebbled leather but at least in the regular leather and signature. I never get to the outlets so I don't know if it might end up there.
  6. I like the pebbled leather business tote that is currently selling on coach website model 10531. Anyone knows if it is available at coach outlets at a discounted price? Thanks!
  7. It's on my wishlist! I drool over it every time I go into the store. Carry it around and such. The leather is amazing, and it's so gorgeous and classy and professional while still being trendy! :drool: :nuts:
  8. i just purchased the business tote in the smooth leather from the outlet a few weeks ago. its gorgeous and i got it for a steal considering the retail price of $395! i paid $167. last week I went back to the outlet and saw that they still had them in tan and black. hope this helps!

    Here's pic of the tote I bought. the silver hobo in the front is my sister's.
    tpf new coach purchases.JPG
  9. hi
    I have the slighty smaller book tote in pebbled leather parchment/brown(at the back of the photo)and I love it. I think that for busier work days where I have to carry a laptop and a notebook the business tote would be better. everyone at work loves and coments on my bag and my husbands branch/division head loves my bag so much I am trying to score her a pebbled business tote from ebay.
    not having much luck though..:shrugs:

    coach collection2.jpg
  10. I saw the smooth leather business tote in black at my outlet a few weeks ago. It is a great bag. If they had had it in tan I would have bought it.
  11. I think that bag is a real classic, and it is something that will stand the test of time. You can use it for work, and if you ever worry about it being too plain, you can dress it up with a cute charm or two!